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Front Line Ambulances

Many types of vehicle are ideal for converting to front line ambulances.

Special features

  • All Euromotive conversions are individually built to customers' specifications.
  • Your van will be transformed into a very modern mode of transport.


  • M1 tested seats.
  • Optional colours, trims, head rests, arm rests.


  • Saloon entrance via sliding door with ample width and height.
  • Cassette step fitted underfloor to enter and exit vehicle.
  • Fitted handrails on both sides of entrance.

Rear Access
Access for wheelchair users through rear entrance with inboard or underfloor tail lift.


  • Ply lined roof and sides, covered in smooth carpet.
  • Ply lined floor with anti-slip covering.
  • Floor tracking tested to comply with M1 standard.
  • Certificate of Conformity, with documents from MIRA test, supplied with each vehicle.

Options include water recirculating or combustion heaters.


  • Direct bonded.
  • Two tinted windows fitted each side.
  • One is top sliding.

A range of other options is available on request.


Our flexible approach to design enables you to specify exactly what combination you require to best suit your needs - you can choose the ratio of wheelchairs to seated passengers, space for stretchers, hydraulic tail-lifts, internal or underfloor, side or rear doors - the configurations are endless. Simply tell us what your requirements are and we'll plan and design base layouts for further consultation with you.