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To rear cab trim and bunk, ply line rear of sleeper cab, fit three coat hooks.

Fire extinguisher. First aid kit.

Welfare Station -  hand cleaning, eye wash, barrier cream.

Cab steps to be painted yellow.
Cab grab handles to be painted yellow.



Chassis subframe, fixing kit and installation, hinged body prop


Penny 150KG Mini Loader


TIPPING GEAR               

Underfloor three way tipping gear with PTO pump and body raised

warning system



Standard body floor comprising special floor pan design modified to

accommodate three way tipping. Sizes to be confirmed



Cab high ladder gantry shaped to suit cab profile, rear view aperture

and shovel rack, front panel solid to 600mm above floor.



Heavy duty removable centre and fixed rear pillars, Pillars extended

to accommodate fall arrest.



500m high aluminium double , triple hinged, secured with over centre locks.

Removable steel cables to support sides to allow 90 angle.



Double acting steel with 2 chutes.



Rope hooks around periphery of body, wings and flaps, compliant rear

under-runand side guards, lighting and conspicuity markings

to current regulations.


SPECIAL ITEMS             

Full body insulation

Heavy duty lashing rings in body floor – 3 each side.

Full width locker across front of body

Access to o/s & n/s (Hi Viz grab handles) + Stirrup step

1275mm Beacon (65-00003-SKA)                         

Strobes on headboard                                                                                             

Work lights                                                                

Fall arrest                                                                   

Ply 50/50 Split and stowage to front tip body bulkhead                               

Dixon Bate ball and Jaw, breakaway eyes.12V Electric’s from OEM         

Reverse alarm - Squark.                                                         

Reverse camera: Colour camera, low light capability with audio. Reverse gear actuation and camera switching. One to rear one, one to N/S. 

Chapter 8 Chevrons                                                   

Chapter 8 markings                                                    

Stickers: Cycle sticker, Tyre pressure, Nosmoking/No mobile phones, Do not use wheel as step, speed limits.                                              

Prepare and paint subframe to match chassis

Prepare and paint body Black

Dropsides and tailgate– yellow.

Submit chassis and body work for IVA certification