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Approx. 4265 mm long – width 2286 mm.

  • CHASSIS FITMENTS                 

Chassis sub frame.               

  • FLOOR ASSEMBLY                     

Standard body floor comprising special floor pan design and offering Internal dimensions 4265mm long x 2286mm wide x 800mm. 


Cab high with ladder gantry and shaped to suit cab profile. Rear view aperture. Front body panel solid to 600mm above floor.  Special panel gantry infill. Perforated holes to be covered by clear shatter proof plastic Steel tubes x 4, welded to the bulk head on the nearside of the vehicle inside the bulkhead. Tubes need to be 900mm X 100mm. Trench rammer stowage point, to right of tubes. Steel tool box, 950mm (h) x 1200mm (w) x 700mm (d) attached to the floor, (nearest offside). With gas Strut To inside and Key lock (Not Pad lock).

  • PILLARS                 

Heavy duty removable centre and fixed rear pillars.  Centre pillars fitted with accommodation for optional safe access system.

  • DROP SIDES           

800mm high ali planked drop sides, 2 long sections per side.

Small section N/S/R and O/SR (for access).

Rear tailgate panel to be fixed

2mm checked plate fitted to inside of drop sides and tailgate

400mm high from floor


Rope hooks around the body periphery, steel wings with rubber mud flaps, Compliant rear under & side guards, Conspicuity markings.

  • FALL ARREST       

Fall arrest bars on 2 sides and rear. Painted Yellow. Square section with sprung loaded sword pins.

  • ACCESS                   

Rear, nearside and offside access, 3 points of contact. Chain to N/side and O/side Access.

  • MINI LOADER       

500 kg Penny Crane Mini Loader ML500LB


Compliant rear under-run with tow bar assembly and electrics

  • ELECTRICAL        

Short light bar. (LED)

2 x LED Strobes installed that are on the bulkhead.

2 x LED swivel lights Spot lights on the bulkhead.

Additional LED side marker lamps.

  • STORAGE               

Lockable Steel painted under chassis storage box x2

located at the rear of the vehicle near side and off side.

The dimensions are dependent on space at rear

Approx. 600 (w) x 500 (d) x 400 (h) 

  • CAB STORAGE      

Fit FOC Lockable box in the cab to accommodate 2 laptops, 2 x12v supply for lap tops (USB )

  • PAINT                      

Prepare and paint one colour Black. Aluminium drop panels Self colour ( NOT painted), Chapter 8 marking to rear Tailgate. Highway Maintenance, Caution keep clear- cyclists beware, Blind spot label to n/s rear.


IVA / NSSTA certification