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  • Chassis sub frame, fixing kit and installation. 
  • Hinged body prop.

TIPPING GEAR                 

  • Underfloor tipping gear


  • Standard body floor comprising special floor pan design
  • See drawing, approx. 2000mm wide, 3850mm long.

HEADBOARD ASSEMBLY                       

  • Height, 2000mm (See drawing)


  • Fixed front and rear.


  • Cage height to be confirmed,
  • No roof, No side doors.
  • Rear barn doors with 270 degree activation mesh infill.
  • Lower sides Aluminium.

STANDARD ITEMS            

  • Compliant rear under-run and side guard assembly.
  • Steel wings with rubber mud flaps.
  • Supply and install warning buzzers.
  • Lighting to current regulations.
  • Conspicuity markings as required. 

SPECIAL ITEMS                

  • Short light bar to cab roof
  • Tow bar and electrics
  • Paint body and Cab one, colour. Orange (Code TBA)
  • Side Scan
  • Fresnel lens
  • Cyclist sticker
  • Hazard boards
  • front and rear back chat reverse alarm
  • Submit body & chassis for IVA certification