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7.5 Tonne Workstation Cage Body.


  • CHASSIS FITMENT              

Chassis sub frame, fixing kit and installation.  Hinged body prop.



Front end tipping gear with gearbox PTO pump and body raised warning.


  • FLOOR ASSEMBLY              

Standard body floor comprising special floor pan design and offering Internal dimensions 3850mm long and 2184mm wide. (Hardbox Floor).


  • HEADBOARD ASSEMBLY              

Height to be confirmed.


  • PILLARS                   

Fixed front and rear.


  • CAGE            

Cage height to be confirmed, fitted roof, hinged side doors. Rear barn doors with 270 degree activation, expanded mesh infill.


  • ROOF                      

Expanded mesh roof.


  • STANDARD ITEMS                       

Compliant rear under-run and side guard assembly. Steel wings with rubber mud flaps. Supply and install

Warning buzzers.  Lighting to current Regulations. Conspicuity markings as required.



Short light bar to cab roof. LED

Tow bar and electric’s.

Paint body one colour.

Front & rear strobes                                                                

Down rate to 7.5 tonne