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SUB FRAME:             

Full length 170mm PFC sub-frame, attached to the chassis using a 2.4 x 8mm grade 50 cleat plate at the front of the chassis, and attached to Iveco bodybuilder provisions for the remainder of the chassis. Plates blasted and pre primed.



3000 KG fully galvanised bolster set behind cab.  16 x M14 10.9 attachment bolts, anti radial pattern, welded rest plates. Smooth to surface with hardwood overlay. Four lashing points.



Install HMF 1520 K 1 behind bolster. Crane to be supplied with EVS and remote control. 

Lift examples:            

3320 KGS @ 4.3 M

2290 KGS @ 6.2 M


Crane features:           

Cab remote control docking station.

No leg sensors.

Full crane lift capacity wherever vehicle is stable.

EVS inclinometer based stability sensing.

Crane operated from bent axis piston pump, PTO driven. Crane piped,wired, tested and certificated.

Crane upgrade for single sided operation.



Orteco 2M, 800HHD, set on a hydraulic turntable with extractor kit and four additional impact plates.  Hammer modification for a 210mm vetex post, three additional impact plates. System fitted with radio remote. System to be self levelling. Single side operation only. Emergency stops (Both sides). System integration.



Nominal dimensions 5700 x 2550 x 600mm High corrugated sides.



Inverted 3mm Zintec top hats at 16” centres.


SIDE RAVES:          

4mm pickled and oiled plate, pressed and welded with CNC set hinge positions.



1100mm high, 60 RHS frame, 2.5mm zintec corrugated infill, welded construction.



25mm resin faced ply deck with 3mm galvanised durbar overlay.



Eight flush lashing points per side, rope hooks around periphery.


REAR PANEL:         

Pressed 4mm pickled and oiled, pressed to shape.



Heavy duty removable pillars, incorporating working at height and drop-side fixings.



Pull out steps to O/S and N/S offering full stairway with three points of contact.



RHS framed drop panels, triple hinged, 3mm Zintec infills, secured by antiluse. Tailgate double acting with flat exterior panel and resistant chains to support at 90 degrees.



Thermo plastic with spray suppression.



Pressed Zintec side guards, 100 x 50 RHS rear under run.



5000 KG ball and jaw, 13 pin 24 and 12V sockets with 7 pin conversions, Electric’s by Iveco. Break away eyes.



Galvanised 4.5mm removable RHS beam set between fixed rear pillars.



Two, 2000 x 600 x 600mm lockers to rear, lids to lift and slide onto top surface locking TBA. One as previously outlined to N/S set in wheelbase and one to O/S. One x 200 x 600 x 600mm toolbox set transversely across front of body, lift up lid supported by gas struts. Secured by padlock.


WORKING AT HEIGHT:                   

Steel hand rails set onto inward facing antiluse, rack on headboard.



4 x 110V power points distributed as required and fed from inverter in truck cab. Britax A6654 100 LDV light bar to cab roof.

Pair of Britax LED strobe: - 

rear of bodywork

Front grille of cab

Pairs of Britax LED work lamps: -

To front loading gantry

To body headboard

To O/side under body

To N/side under body

Two Britax B205.00 LDV, removable to rear pillars.

One colour reverse camera. White noise reverse alarm with night silent facility. Eberspacher H/C hand wash to N/S in cabinet. As above to O/S/R. Magnetic Britax LED work-lamp. LED lighting to all tool boxes. Lights to be separated O/S and N/S.



Complete body primed and painted in acrylic white, under frame to match chassis.



Chapter 8 and conspicuity to current legislation.